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LMBCS | Lower Mainland Bengali Cultural Society

Constitution and Bylaws

  1. The name of the society is: BENGALI CULTURAL SOCIETY.
  2. The object of this society is to foster cultural and social solidarity
    among Bengali speaking people through:

    1. social activities, such as, social gatherings and festivals (seasonal).
    2. cultural activities such as:
      1. musical programmes expressing and developing members talents.
      2. children’s variety programs.
      3. discussions of literature and art.
      4. drama
      5. readings of poetry and other writing
      6. slide shows, paintings and photo exhibitions.
      7. showing of movies
      8. lectures and musical performances by visiting scholars, writers, musicians and artists.
      9. children’s educational programme.
      10. collecting and circulating literature.
      11. collecting and circulating music.
      12. producing a news-Letter.
    3. recreational activities such as: picnics, outings, fishing, and organised games.
    4. building contacts with other, cultural organizations through joint activities.
  3. The operations of the society are to be chiefly carried on ln the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia.
  4. The Societcy is a non-religious, non-political, and non-profit organization.