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LMBCS | Lower Mainland Bengali Cultural Society

Shree Making Competition

Shree is a decorative and essential part of almost all Bengali auspicious functions. This year during Durga Puja, LMBCS would like to showcase the Shree making talents of its adult members. Please join in the fun and make it a success.

Please bring your creations to the Arya Samaj Hall on Friday, October 11 and hand it in to either:

Supriya Bhattacharyya, Raihan Aktar or Natasha Ghosh

Here are the criteria:

  1. Only natural colours should be used. No felt pen etc.
  2. Please make your Shree on a 6” diameter disposable plate.
  3. Do not write your name or identify it to others (you will be assigned a number).
  4. Shree will be on display for others to grade it.
  5. End of the evening all Shrees will be used for puja.
  6. Apart from its aesthetics which will be judged by the public, Shree has to last the duration of the puja. If parts of it come off points will be deducted. If it grows fungus it will be taken out of the competition.
  7. Winners will be announced on Sunday, October 13 after the immersion ceremony. Prizes will be distributed on October 26 at the Bijoya Sammelan.